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(February 1st, 2010)

Hate yer neighbours, do ya? We say toast the fukkers out. Order ridiculously priced Chaosweaver stuff from Record Shop X.

Puppetmaster of Pandemonium 7,90 e
Puppetmaster of Pandemonium (Crucified Edition) 9,90 e

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studio inferno 2010

(January 6th, 2010)

As some of you might know, the recording process of our forthcoming album has begun. If you want to receive totally irrelevant messages from the studio, please, join our Facebook community.

Here's a small video clip from the first two days.


Of black blood and venom,

The Arschmeisters themselves

x-mas single in stores

(December 13th, 2009)

Ho-ho-ho. Satan Klaus ja tuomion tontut, the first and possibly the last Chaosweaver song sung in Finnish, has been released as a digital single this week. The track was recorded late last year, and it was re-mixed and re-mastered a short while ago by the almighty Jack Tyger, our beloved drumster.

Check it out at MySpace and download it from iTunes! The recording of our second album begins next week. Industrialized spook opera heading your way in 2010.

I've seen the deepest darkness and wrestled with Gods,

Max & Elves of fucking doom

a new album in making

(October 16th, 2009)

A lot of people have been asking about our forthcoming album, so here comes the semi-official update on the current situation. We've written tons of material, wickedest of which will make it on the record. Jack, Albert and I have been sweating in the studio whole week, working on the arrangements and recording some new riffs. 

It's impossible to say at this point, what the end result will sound like, but the songs are VERY diverse, massive, beautiful and evil. If you've heard "Puppetmaster of Pandemonium", you'll probably be surprised - in a good way.

We've streched the opposites even further, and introduced plethora of new levels and elements in our dark craft. The melodies have grown fairer, the riffs stronger, the orchestrations bigger, and the mood even more bizarre but at the same time catchier. Old Man's Child meets The Kovenant meets Swallow the Sun meets Angelo Badalamenti in a David Lynch movie.

Tune in for more updates.

Max & Fiends of Pandemonium

new interviews online
(October 9th, 2009)

Check out the latest shenanigans and tomfoolery of the Pandemonic Bunch:

- Paper Dragonic Ink (USA)
- Aristocrazia Webzine (Italy)

live evidence exposed
(September 27th, 2009)

Greetings from the somber moors and gray meadows of the north. Nights are growing longer, days darker. As the grand master of horror once wrote: "That is not dead which can eternal lie. And with strange aeons even death may die."

And stranger have our days become. Chaosweaver played its second ever live show on August 22nd, 2009 at Nosturi, Helsinki, with Samael and Black Sun Aeon. The incantation of the wicked was captured on tape, happy suffering.



chaosweaver teams up with samael
(May 11th, 2009)

Chaosweaver will be playing a live show with the Swiss metal gods Samael on August 22th at Nosturi, Helsinki. Tickets will come on sale on Wednesday - get yours asap from Lippupalvelu or Tiketti. There are no age limits, so all you krazy fukkers can witness the gathering of the wicked. 

Death is certain. Life is not.

friday the 13th
- a retrospective of the bizarre

(March 1st, 2009)

So it is done. The Ancient God's of Chaos guided our flesh and spirit, as Chaosweaver rose on stage for the very first time in human existence. Summoning of the uncanny took place in front of two thousand mortals at the Finnish Metal Expo, Helsinki. 

Photo by Jarmo Katila. 

Let us journey back in time for a while. We've gotten offers to play live a number of times, but have turned them all down. The reason for that is three-fold:
1.) Each of us live in different cities, so it is difficult to rehearse.
2.) Our music is so pompous and grandioso, that it requires a large audience and masses of visualization.
3.) The time and the place had to be right.

And what better time to spread the Pandemonium than at the biggest metal event of its kind in Finland on Friday the 13th? Unfortunately Ezzymania 2000 and Thab could not be with us to celebrate this historical occasion. Ezzymania had even a bigger reason to rejoice, because his superseed was planted about nine months ago…

We are very, very sorry to announce that Thab Picard is no longer a member of Chaosweaver due to his difficult health condition. We wish him nothing but the best in all his future endeavours. The decision was made in good terms and mutual understanding. May your days be of delight, brother.

But on with the show. When we were offered the gig, we knew that it would be a long and hard journey from the rehearsal place to the stage. First of all, Chaosweaver is not a band that usually jams out and practises. The original plan was to compose the most wicked and bizarre records imaginable, and leave the public performances to other bands. But as Puppetmaster of Pandemonium was named the Album of the Year in several places and a large number of people kept bugging us to step up on the stage, we decided not do "the Bathory thing" after all. Chaosweaver will do ONLY THE NOTEWORTHY SHOWS, nothing more, nothing less.

Because Ezzymania could not make it to the show, we had to find a substitute for him. Janne Niiranen of Shade Empire fame was an obvious choice, because we've all known him for years, he's an awesome guy and a guitar wizard of alien talent.

mendaftar dadu online . Animal Control San Antonio . To understand what's happening with herpes cure in 2017 you want to learn more Friday the 13th, day of reckoning. We had been arranging a bunch of extra stuff for the show, but none of us wanted to stress about that too much. If it works out, it works out. If it doesn't, fuck it, we'll rock anyway. The whole day went like on fast forward. It was cool to meet up with the guys, because we don't see each other that much. It's usually just me, Albert and Jack chilling out at Oitti Zero Nexus. Now the "whole gang" was present juiced up with a few guest stars: Tommi "Rotten" Virranta (Discard, Survivors Zero, ex-Deathchain), Jules Näveri (Profane Omen, Enemy of the Sun) and Pusa of Vanguard, who also acted as our guitar tech.

We rose up on the stage at 11 pm with the disturbing sounds of Enter the Realm of the Doppelgänger, an intro me and Jack wrote for the second album, blasted at full volume. The first thing I noticed as I walked to plug in my bass, was the sheer amount of people in the audience. Glad to see the fellowship of pandemonium is of interest to so many individuals. 

Hans-Peter Weckman, a talented graphic artist, had prepared background videos for each of the songs, which were projected onto a huge screen behind Jack's drum set, which was awesome.

Photo by Jarmo Katila.

To cut things short, here's the set list for the night:

  1. Enter the Realm of the Doppelgänger (intro)
  2. Flaming Rain (featuring Tommi "Rotten" Virranta)
  3. Buried in a Swamp
  4. Locked in a Coffin
  5. Cult of Joy
  6. Son of the Moon (featuring Jules Näveri and Pusa)

Painting the walls black,

Max & Chaosweaver

chaosweaver @ FME, friday the 13th

(February 11th, 2009)

- Meet & Greet at 19:00
- On stage at 23:00
- New shirts and hoodies!

As some you might know, the Dudes of the Black Flame, collectively known as Chaosweaver, will be playing its first ever live show on Friday the 13th of February at the Finnish Metal Expo. The utter mindfuck begins at 23:00. We've cooked a surprise or ten for you, so DO NOT miss it!

If you, for some ungodly reason, want to chat with us before the show, Supersounds Music is hosting a "Meet & Greet" at their stand on Friday from 19:00 to 19:30. There will also be brand new Chaosweaver merchandise for sale, so give us your money, bitch!

Until the light takes us,

Max & the sons of the moon

max visits yle x3m's metallrepubliken

(December 19th, 2008)

Chaosweaver bassist Max Power will be playing his favorite Christmas related metal, rock and punk songs on Yle X3M's Metallrepubliken radio show on Monday, December 22th, from 9 pm to midnight Finnish time. Also starring: Tommi "Rotten" Virranta of Discard, Survivors Zero and ex-Deathchain fame.

We strongly recommend that you listen to the show, because the boys have prepared a special present for you fukkers...

Ho-ho-ho and away we go,

Satan Klaus & The Lads of Chaos

chaosweaver does fmE!

(December 12th, 2008)

Daylight flees as the cloak of shadows conquers the skies. The day of reckoning draws near.

Chaosweaver will be playing its first ever live show at the Finnish Metal Expo on Friday the 13th, February 2009. If you liked our album, vote for Chaosweaver at the Finnish Metal Awards.

We are living amongst very dark times, my friend. Beware.

Max & the Carriers of the Black Flame

puppetmaster will reign in russia

(November 27th, 2008)

Hark, earthlings!

Puppetmaster of Pandemonium has been licensed to Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and Kazakhstan by Soyuz Entertainment Holding, a huge company, which dominates nearly 25 % of the Russian entertainment market (cd's, dvd's and games). We'll post the release date here as soon as it has been set.

And just to keep you on your toes: HUGE NEWS coming soon!

Let the Pandemonium spread like wildfire in an ocean of gasoline,

Max & the dudes of evil


(November 17th, 2008)

Achtung, babies

Let the black light shine, and vote for Chaosweaver at the Finnish Metal Awards. The categories are the following:
- Album of the year
- Band of the year
- Newcomer of the year
- Cover artwork of the year
- Musician of the year
- Singer of the year
- Demo of the year (obviously Chaosweaver can't be voted in this category)

The voting term ends at January 31th, 2009, and the Finnish Metal Awards gala will be held at the Finnish Metal Expo on February 13th, 2009. Sorry for the international hordes, only the Finns are allowed to vote.

Thank you in advance for supporting the pandemonic bunch, collectively known as Chaosweaver!


The drunkards of mayhem have been swarming like horny bees in honey heaven with NEW material for the second Chaosweaver attack, some of which has already been recorded! But hold your pretty little horsies, more info will follow as things progress and recording schedules take shape. The album will be released next year.

Bathed in blood,

Max & the Dwellers of Chaos


(September 23th, 2008)

Locked in a Coffin, the first video from Puppetmaster of Pandemonium, airs tonight on Finnish national TV network YLE's Musiikki-TV program at 11:30 pm. F.W. Murnau's Nosferatu (1922) inspired the black and white clip was directed by Ville Harilahti, a professional photographer. 

"To walk with me you must die to your breathing life and be reborn to mine."

Update 24.09.08: The Musiikki-TV program and Locked in a Coffin video can be viewed for one week at this location

Here's the video!

puppetmaster of pandemonium named album of the week

(September 8th, 2008)

Puppetmaster of Pandemonium (Crucified Edition) has been named "Album of the Week" at, the most popular online metal media in Finland. Read the review (in Finnish) here.

Chaosweaver was also named "The Newcomer of the Month" in the grandioso "Kultaturbo" edition of Suosikki, a legendary Finnish teenager mag, which also features an interview with the band. Carry on.

chaosweaver in studio - again!

(September 2nd, 2008)

Ave, legions of pandemonium. More than a moonspin has passed since the last update, but the notorious gang of mischief's, collectively known as Chaosweaver, has some interesting news to unleash upon you: the band is currently in studio composing and demoing new material for the upcoming second album, scheduled to be released in 2009. And enjoying a few Kukko Pils beers, of course. 

The yet to be titled sonic entity will follow one very disturbing but intriguing storyline, which picks up where the last song on Puppetmaster of Pandemonium, Son of the Moon, left off. I won't go into details at this point, but check out the lyrics of the song, if you want to plunge deeper to the white void that inevitably awaits!

Now what can I say about the musical direction..? The album will be ambidextrous and symphonic as fuck. Beautiful melodies coalesce with scary-ass Draculean orchestrations, beats pound your heart like arrhytmia and razor sharp riffs slash your skin off. A monolith symphony of the bizarre.

Well, enough gibberish, we've got a spook opera to write.

Ars longa, vita brevis,

Max & Chaosweaver

crucified edition out now!

(July 30th, 2008)

The Crucified Edition of Puppetmaster of Pandemonium, featuring a twisted yet catchy version of Army of Lovers' Crucified, has hit the streets today. The song features guest vocals by Heta Hyttinen, a famous Finnish journalist and presenter. Check out the song at, and from mp3 stores around the world.

Due to the critically acclaimed debut album, Chaosweaver is now officially sponsored by Schecter guitars, Ampeg bass amps, Røde microphones, Radial Tonebone efect pedals, Skull Strings (imported by Soundata) and Kukko Pils beer!

In other news, the founding member and guitarist Kole is no longer a member of Chaosweaver due to musical and personal differences. The band will continue as a six-piece - stronger than ever!

Here are a few words from the Cradle of Filth shredder Paul Allender about Puppetmaster of Pandemonium:
Your album is fucking amazing, I love it, it's just the type of stuff I'm into! VERY FUCKING COOL!!!!".

Chaosweaver would like to congratulate Mr. Allender on behalf of his excellent taste in music and wish him a safe journey on the path of everlasting darkness.


puppetmaster of Pandemonium (Crucified Edition) available for preordering

(July 13th, 2008)

The second pressing of Puppetmaster of Pandemonium featuring a twisted but catchy version of Army of Lovers' Crucified is now available for worldwide preordering at Record Shop Äx. The album will be released on July 30th, 2008.

Spread the banner at your will!

Wish airplay for Crucified and other Chaosweaver tunes at
- YleX: Himotuimmat
- YleX: Metalliliitto
- The Voice
- Radio Rock: Lauantaisauna

- Radio Rock: Klaus Flaming
- NRJ Top10
- Radio Nova
- SuomiPOP

Chaosweaver covers army of lovers with heta hyttinen!

(July 8th, 2008)

Dear earthlings and dwellers of the Second Sun,

we promised a surprise for you, didn't we? Well, here we go: the first ever cover track by Chaosweaver is recorded, mixed and mastered. It was obvious from the very beginning that if we ever record a song composed by another artist, the track in question must match up to Chaosweaver's standards both musically and lyrically.

Crucified by Army of Lovers was the perfect choise. Period.

If the first verse starts with a line like "I've seen the deepest darkness and wrestled with Gods" and the track gushes with pompous orchestrations, how can you go wrong? The original version of Crucified is a fucking masterpiece, but we thought we'd spice it up with a few pandemonic flavors. Wanna snatch a taste? Check out a sample at

Even though I did do some shemale vocals on a couple of tracks on Puppetmaster of Pandemonium, we wanted to use a genuine feminine voice this time... I phoned up a friend of mine, famous Finnish journalist and presenter Heta Hyttinen. Gladly she agreed to help us out on the chorus, and did a terriffic job! Thanks to Kalmos of Ajattara for the tip, we didn't know Heta's such a professional singer.

Here's the good part: the first pressing of Puppetmaster of Pandemonium is nearly sold out (collectors: get yours asap!), and Crucified is going to be the bonus track on the second print! The album will be released in Finland, Estonia, Lithuania and Latvia on July 30th. If you don't want to buy the whole album, you can purchase the track from download shops worldwide on the very same day.

We've got tons of other news on the way, so stay tuned!

Where thorns are a teaser,

Max & Chaosweaver

chaosweaver enTERS THE STUDIO!

(June 26th, 2008)

Greetings, fellow weavers of Chaos

We are happy to announce that the pandemonic bunch, collectively known as Chaosweaver, will once again unite in Studio Perkele to capture the dark sonic scriptures and voices of the wicked on hard disc next week.

This time we will only lay down one cover track, the name and usage of which will be revealed shortly. One thing's for damn sure, you're in for a big surprise! The shadows will collide with the sun, the darkness shall embrace the light, and far beyond. Think evil, think big - think pink!

In Omega we trust,

Max & Chaosweaver

P.S. The first pressing of Puppetmaster of Pandemonium is nearly sold out, so get yours asap, as it will surely become a collector's item!

chaosweaver enslaves media
(May 19th, 2008)

Media has shown a helluva lot of attention to the notorious gang of mischiefs collectively known as Chaosweaver. You can find interviews of the band in the following publications:
- Inferno # 56 (FIN)
- Miasma # 24 (FIN)
- Radio Yle X3M's Metallrepubliken (FIN & SWE)
- (GER & ENG)
- (FIN)
- (ENG)
- (FIN)

Puppetmaster of Pandemonium reviews:
- 10/10
Sue 9/10
- 4,5/5
- 8/10
- 4/5
- 3,5/5
- Rumba 3/5
- Inferno 3,5/5

Many more will follow, so stay tuned and spread the pandemonium!

puppetmaster of pandemonium in stores now!
(April 30th, 2008)

The critically acclaimed dark piece of extreme metal art, also known as Puppetmaster of Pandemonium, has been released today in Finland, Estonia, Lithuania and Latvia. Enjoy, you lucky bastards, since rest of the world will follow later.

Release dates:
- June 16th UK and Eire
- June 20th Germany, Austria and Switzerland

Don't forget the album release party at System Rock, Helsinki, Finland on Friday May 2nd from 11 pm!

Shipping worldwide.

puppetmaster pre-listening and album release parties
(April 21th, 2008)

Chaosweaver welcomes you to celebrate the release of the long awaited debut Puppetmaster of Pandemonium. The album pre-listening sessions and the release party will be held followingly:

- 23th April at 10 pm at Henry's Pub, Kuopio, Finland
- 26th April at 10 pm at Inferno Bar, Tampere, Finland
- 2nd May at 11 pm at System Rock, Helsinki, Finland (album release party)

Members of the band will be present at every occation. If you wish to purchase Chaosweaver merchandise (or buy the bums a beer or few), don't forget to bring some extra cash with you.

Hope to meet as many of you as possible at the happenings!

Puppetmaster of pandemonium is done!

(April 1, 2008)

After five months of mindbogglingly malicious work, Puppetmaster of Pandemonium, the debut album of Chaosweaver, is finally finished! We thought now would be the perfect time to publish the news, since it is April Fools Day... But this is no joke, the cd really is in the printing as we speak.

The album will be released April 30th, 2008 by Shadow World Records and distributed by Playground Music Scandinavia in Finland, Estonia, Lithuania and Latvia. Release dates for the rest of the world will be revealed later. There are quite a few to follow.

The album features guest appearances by Jules Näveri (Profane Omen & Enemy of the Sun), Rotten (ex-Deathchain, Survivors Zero), Aleksi Munter (Swallow the Sun) and Ville Sorvali (Moonsorrow).

Listen to the album TEASER!


1. Flaming Rain
2. Locked in a Coffin
3. White Noise
4. Cult of Joy
5. Horned Serpent
6. Buried in a Swamp
7. Angel
8. Denied Memories
9. Beneath the Silent Cities
10. Son of the Moon

Miasma visited the chaosweaver session

(February 18, 2008)

Mikko Luntiala, a journalist from the Finnish metal mag Miasma, visited Chaosweaver's studio session late last month. Read about the recording of Jules Näveri's guest vocals and check out the pics from Miasma's site. Sorry, the text is in Finnish only, but here's a translated teaser for you:

"According to the pre listening of the album, this might well be - do I dare say out loud at this stage - the album of the year."

Chaosweaver changes singer!
(February 13, 2008)

Symphonic dark metallers Chaosweaver have recruited a new vocalist during the recording session of their yet to be titled debut album. A dark messiah Cypher Commander (see photos below) will handle the chanting duties from now on, as the former singer-guitarist Kole focuses on guitar playing exclusively.

– Cypher Commander is one of the best extreme metal vocalists out there, so handing him the mic was an easy task. Now I can fully concentrate on the things I do best, states Chaosweaver's riff maestro Kole.

CHAOSWEAVER 2008: Kole, Thab Picard, Ezzymania 2000, Cypher Commander, Albert von Fleischer, Max Power & Jack Tyger (Pic by Jarmo Katila)

In addition to the renewed vocalist department, the album will feature an impressive mix of guest stars. Rotten, the former frontman of the Finnish deathrash gods Deathchain, growled his ass off on five tracks, making the Chaosweaver album his first studio appearance in three years. His latest work, Deathchain's Deathrash Assault (2005), skyrocketed into the Official Finnish Album chart at # 18.

The multitalented Jules Näveri of Profane Omen and Enemy of the Sun fame nailed the ending track of the forthcoming Chaosweaver effort. There might be a couple more visitors to come – we'll keep you informed. You can read more about the recording process in our updated studio diary. Check out the pics too!

The release date of the album will be postponed to a later date, we're guessing late April or early May.

Cypher Commander
– A modern day messiah (Pic by Jarmo Katila)

Cypher Commander The whole world in his hands (Pic by Jarmo Katila)

Cypher Commander
Convulsions made flesh (Pic by Jarmo Katila)

chaosweaver signs a recording contract
(November 5, 2007)

Chaosweaver sold its soul to Shadow World Records, a fresh Finnish metal label. We are recording our debut album in Studio Perkele (Deathchain, Discard, De Lirium's Order etc.) at the moment. The yet to be named piece of dark metal art shall be unleashed world wide in March. Expect the unexpected.

Check out the photo and video boosted studio diary and keep up to date on how the recording process is progressing. It will be updated daily.

With metal hearts,


The official chaosweaver Site online!
(September 3, 2007)

This dark day has finally cast its shadow upon us... Welcome, fiend, and witness the unleashing of the official Chaosweaver webshite.

The pages of pandemonium are still under construction, but be patient, our webgeeks are bursting in flames to bring you tornados of chaotic content.

Yours in darkness,